A Quick Look at the Positive Impact of Toys on a Child’s Development

1. Open-Ended Toys can Improve Imagination and Even Overall Creativity

The great thing about open-ended toys or toys that can be used in many different ways is that it actually helps your child to become more imaginative and expand their mind. This enables them to see the world in different and more expansive ways. It also improves creativity which is a must if you want your child to be able to think independently and outside of the typical box.

Some examples of good open-ended toys are balls, building blocks, small cars, animals, dolls, food etc. These type of toys allow your child to create their own stories around them and replicate different scenarios. As you know, playing will always be the first area where your child learns long before they go to school.

Even if you provide objects that aren’t actually toys, kids will still use them as toys if that is all they have. So for example, everyday objects that you can provide as toys include rocks, boxes, sticks etc. These will all help your child to improve their imagination.

2. Educates Children About STEAM

STEAM, which is also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics is very important for kids to learn about. Thankfully, kids are always quick to learn and they easily learn from their surroundings. Toys can provide a lot of stimulus for your child and teach them many valuable lessons.

For example, if you give your child a radio control car to play with, they will be fascinated by how the car seems to magically move with the controller. This will surely get them more interested in radio waves and how they work. A simple toy such as a set of bricks can teach your child about gravity and physics when they see their unstable towers fall to the ground. Even a puzzle is quite stimulating since it shows them how to figure out and identify patterns.

You should not overlook how educational toys are since kids learn a great deal through playing since they need to use all of their senses. This makes them learn a lot faster and will encourage them to explore the real world.

3. Improves Motor Development

When your child holds a toy in their hands and learns how to use it, they are actually learning fine motor skills. This not only improves their motor skills but also their hand and eye coordination. This in itself will help your child to develop at a more advanced rate.

There are toys that your child will need to hold onto, pull, pinch, push or manipulate in other ways. This will teach your child how to use their body and hands and this is very essential for their development.

Some of the best toys that can help your child to learn these things are blocks, dolls, cars etc. This is because they can fit in their hands and they carry them wherever they want. Since these toys fit in their hands so easily, they can manipulate them in whatever way they like, carry them in their pockets etc. If the toys have even finer details such as buttons and zippers on a doll’s clothes or even beads, this will help your child to learn even finer motor skills.

Bigger toys help your child to learn how to use their entire body to manipulate them and will improve their development. Some of these include learning how to catch balls, kick balls, throwing, riding a bike and more. When your child learns these skills they will be better prepared to face even more challenging tasks.

4. Toys Can Be Overwhelming if Too Many are Provided

As you can tell, toys are quite useful and important to a child’s development, however, you need to keep in mind that too many toys can cause your child to get overwhelmed. Remember, the quality of the toys is a lot more important than the quantity. Fewer toys that can be used in multiple ways is a lot better than a lot of toys that simply take up space and are unused.

If your child has issues putting away all of their toys or indicates that they are bored even though they have so many toys, this means that they are being negatively impacted by the sheer amount of toys they have access to.

5. Improves Rate of Emotional Maturity

Lastly, the great thing about toys is that they can help your child to create good memories, connect and learn about their feelings. You’ve likely seen instances where children have become very attached to particular toys. This teaches them how to bond in healthy ways. One of the ways that children can learn about happiness, attention and love is through their bond with their toys. Many children openly show affection towards their toys. This will not only improve their emotional maturity but also give them beautiful memories of their childhood.