Video Localization: The Power of Voiceover

Today the internet gives companies a true wealth of different options when they want to effectively communicate with potential customers. Video content is a particularly valuable tool for marketing purposes. Unlike other media, e.g. podcasts (audio) and visual ads, video engages with its audience using multiple senses: sound and sight combined. The complex nature of video content improves the odds of making a real connection with viewers and building a useful connection. Properly-constructed video content delivers more information faster and more clearly than any other marketing option. The benefits for advertisers can be great, including better brand recognition.

Brand recognition becomes particularly important when a company expands out of its home country and tries to build a customer base in a new region. Southeast Asia makes a particularly challenging destination for foreign companies, with nine different languages being commonly spoken in the area. Marketing content deployed in this region requires customization for multilingual audiences. This is why all your material (including written and visual content as well as video) needs to be localized to fit both the language and the culture of the intended audience. For most multilingual video content, voiceover is the ideal way to ensure that the video has the same impact for viewers who speak different languages. A professionally produced voiceover can multiply the impact of your existing video content and extend the reach of your message significantly.

A persuasive video can positively influence a customer’s purchasing decision in nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of all cases. This illustrates just how important good localization is. Localized video content increases sales, engages with customers, and improves their overall customer experience.

Improving Storytelling with Video Voiceover

Voiceovers are a common tool in the creation of all sorts of films. In fictional narratives, voiceovers can develop plotlines, reveal characters’ thoughts, and even tell the film’s story. Voiceovers make a positive contribution to the storytelling experience by clarifying what the audience sees and enhancing its emotional impact. Voiceovers are common even in video content that is not intended for a multilingual audience; they can transition between ideas, drive home important points, and avoid potential viewer confusion. Many, perhaps even most, documentaries rely on voiceovers to create a narrative or construct a persuasive argument.

The Role of Voiceover in Video Games

The level of sophistication players expect from video games is constantly rising, and developers use many different techniques to deliver that sophistication. Strong characters are increasingly important in games, and voiceovers have become a crucial tool for illuminating those characters for players. Good voiceover work can make characters more believable and contribute to the construction of an immersive gaming experience. Voiceover work is especially important for role-playing games, where the realism of the characters is vital to drawing players into the game and making them care about the dialogues (and monologues) they hear. The gap between video games and other forms of storytelling is always narrowing, and expert voiceover work is one of the components making modern games more cinematic.

Voiceover for Clarity in Education

The internet is a magnificent tool for connecting people, and this tool creates opportunities in practically every industry. The education industry is no exception. Online courses and other educational resources enable worldwide distance learning. Online learning materials are available both for free and as part of more structured curricula, with even the most prestigious universities now offering online education. Educational materials are always more effective when they are clear and easily comprehensible, and good voiceover work can help meet those goals. When combined with good visual material, educational voiceovers make it easier for students to learn.

Finding the Voiceover Expertise You Need

When your organization needs effective voiceover support for localization and other communication goals, the first step is partnering with an experienced, trustworthy agency. We at Voice Fairy would be proud to provide you with the multilingual support you need to expand your reach and achieve your goals. We work with highly experienced voice artists fluent in any language you need, and our full-time studio production staff operates three fully-equipped recording studios.