The Pros Of Private Schooling & Tuition

One of the main benefits of tuition is that it addresses learning issues that occur due to the ratio of students to high school teachers. In many cases, most children have problems learning not because the subject itself is challenging but because they don’t have the prerequisite knowledge. One example of this is if a student is having difficulties understanding how percentages work, then they likely don’t understand decimals, fractions and how to divide by 100. However, when there is a highly experienced teacher working with the student on a one on one basis, they will be able to see what prerequisite knowledge they lack and address them. Marie Redmond Tuition has experienced tuition plans with comprehensive and in-depth sessions, if you are looking for tuition in the Buckingham area please see here.

The good thing about the curriculum of private tuition is that they can be adapted to the requirements of each student. So, if the student needs help in one area, then the tutor can easily identify it and work on it with the student. Private tutoring doesn’t follow a particular plan or schedule which makes this possible.

We will now look at 10 reasons why it is a good idea to engage in private tuition.

1. Lower student to teacher ratio

Private tuition is usually done in a one on one setting or with small groups. This helps students to be more focused and it ensures that all of their particular needs are met. At Inicio, the teaching is done on a one on one basis with groups of up to 6 children.

2. The best tutor

When you attend school, you won’t be able to choose your teacher. However, we actually select a particular tutor for each child after meeting with them. This allows students to get the most suitable tutor that can work with their learning style and will likely be able to tutor them effectively.

3. Additional review

In school, most teachers have very little time to actually go through each child’s work and figure out how well they understand the topic. However, a tutor will have more time to review this work and will be better able to look at the specific areas where each student is struggling.

4. Assistance with homework

A tutor can help children with their homework and make it a lot less stressful for them. Students will typically appreciate this type of assistance and will help them to learn better.

5. Practice with tests

There are many students who have problems preparing for exams and a tutor can help them to improve their study skills. This will enable them to perform a lot better.

6. Improves confidence

Tutors are more likely to form personal relationships with students and they can use this to help fulfill each child’s potential. This is something that most typical teachers don’t have time to do or may easily miss. This happens quite often if the child has above average intelligence or behaves well in school. The extra attention and help from a tutor can certainly help to bolster confidence.

7. Saves effort and time

Most parents are quite busy and they typically don’t have enough free time to assist their kids with their studies and homework. However, a private tutor can help to ease that pressure from parents and help them. With that said, parents are still encouraged to play an active role in their child’s education.

8. Increases drive for high performance

A private tutor will be keenly focused on helping each student. As a result of this, these students will likely want to excel and be very keen on performing as well as they can.

9. Creates a safe space for discussion

Many students don’t like asking questions when they are in a big class at school. However, with a private tutor, they will be more likely to ask questions and interact with the tutor.

10. Innovative teaching methods

Lastly, since tutoring is private and on a one on one basis, most tutors would try out different teaching styles and even innovative ones to see which style works best for each student.