What is the Newest iOS 14 Update and how will it Influence Digital Advertising?

If you’ve heard about the new iOS 14 update, you’re not alone. Much of the digital world is talking about Apple’s latest update, for good reason. It’s bound to have huge ramification for a lot of businesses operating in the digital space. It has a direct impact on the way business’ advertising to users. Social media management services can explain what you should know about this update.

What is It?

Apple announced they were getting ready to unleash iOS 14 in June 2020. During that time, they made it clear the update would change the way advertisers can track users.

They set out on a mission to give their users more control over their data and how it is being used. The newest update will now require that app developers ask for permissions from users to both collect and share their data using the unique identifier that advertisers use.

A user will need to accept the prompt that comes up that will ask to use their data. It is similar to what you see when you visit a website and get prompts to either accept or reject cookies.

What is the Device Identifier for Advertisers?

The Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) is a randomly assigned device identifier. This number is assigned by Apple to different devices. Advertisers are eligible to use this number to track users to effectively deliver personalised and customised advertising.

This data can be used to delve into the details of how users interact with mobile advertising campaigns and more.

How will the Newest Update Affect those advertising on Facebook?

The newest update is set to impact Facebook advertisers in a big way. It is going to impact how Facebook can both receive and process information from various tools like the Facebook pixel. This is a tool that helps advertisers track conversions and create more personalised ads.

Before the update, the randomly assigned number was accessible for most Apple users. However, with the newest update requiring users to opt-in, that number is expected to go down drastically. This will ultimately impact the business’ ability to advertise across these platforms.

When will this Update be Coming Out?

Apple has delayed this update a couple of times already. They have made it very clear that it is coming sooner rather than later and that all developers must comply with the new terms.

What Should Advertisers be Doing?

There is still a lot to learn about the newest update and how it is going to impact advertisers. However, there are certain things forward-thinking advertisers can begin doing.

Facebook has released a new feature called Facebook Domain Verification. It is a feature that requires any website with advertising to go through an ownership verification process. It’s simple and easy to do.

Facebook has continued to argue with Apple about the latest update. They think that personalised advertising doesn’t have to come at the cost of user privacy and that the newest update takes things too far. They say that the newest update will harm small businesses more than anyone else. While they did say that they will be showing Apple’s prompt, they’ve also said they’ll be showing their pop-up that details what they use for personalised ads.

If you accept these newest prompts, you will continue seeing personalised advertising. If you don’t, your ads will be less personalised and less relevant to you.

If you have any concerns or questions about how the update is likely to affect you or you want expert advice, you can count on the experts at Air Social to give you all of the information and help you need.