Why You Need to Replace Your Portable Heater with an Electric Radiator

There are a lot of homes that have radiator systems that do not perform as they should and need a boost. You might not have had any time to install double glazing or had the time to seal the gaps around the exterior doors and your home has draughts. These are some of the reasons why people have portable heaters to keep them warm. While these heaters can do the trick, a new electric radiator system will work much better and here, professionals at Electric Heating Expert let you know why.

No Boiler Control

Portable heaters are often seen as a quick solution. You do not have to go through the expensive process of installing a new boiler or gas central heating system and they add the heat you need. Portable heaters can also be used if your boiler suddenly stops working in the heart of winter. However, there are other systems out there that will not leave you worrying about having heat and are affordable.

Electric radiators do not use your boiler. This means that a boiler breakdown will not affect the heat in your home. This is important because boiler breakdowns are more common than you imagine and boiler repairs are a multi-million-pound business.

Better Heat Distribution

If you have a small area of your home that you want to heat up, a portable heater will be able to do this. The problem comes when you have larger areas because these heaters are small and will take a while to heat the area. In most cases, you will not feel the benefits of the heater unless you are close to it. If you want to heat a larger room, your portable heater will also use a lot of energy.

Energy Efficiency

It is best to keep your portable heater for emergencies because they are not very practical and will cost a lot to run for prolonged periods. Many of these heaters have fan systems to distribute the heat, but this has to be powered using more energy. Some heaters have panels for heat, but they do not distribute the heat well. You will need to run these heaters for a long time before you feel any effects in a large room.

If you want to save money, you might think about gas radiators because gas is cheaper then electricity. However, electric radiators offer the best overall energy efficiency. These radiators have exact controls so you can heat each room separately and control the temperature using the thermostat.

With electric radiators, you never have to worry about heat loss from the pipes or boiler because it uses electricity. All of the features offered by these systems are designed to provide energy efficiency. They are also affordable to install because you can do this yourself.

The Safety

One of the biggest issues with portable heaters is the danger they present. The British Fire Brigade states that portable heaters are the cause of numerous fires each year as well as several fatalities. This is due to the heaters being left too close to flammable materials which overheat and catch fire. When looking at the most common reasons for household fires, portable heaters are in the top five.

Free of Carbon Monoxide

When looking at safety, it is worth noting that electric radiators have no risk of carbon monoxide. Boilers and gas heating systems run the risk of leaking and this is where the danger of carbon monoxide comes in. When you choose an electric system, you can heat your home without needing to bleed the radiators or worrying about carbon monoxide.

The Environmentally Friendly Option

A lot of people are prioritising the environment when making any purchase. With this in mind, electric radiators are the best choice because they are carbon neutral. This reduces the carbon dioxide generated by the system. You can also choose a green electricity system that ensures your heating system is completely carbon-free making it much better for the environment.