How and When to Replace the Windows of Your Home

Every home will require some money to be spent on maintenance and repairs, and United Kingdom homeowners on an average spend 11 per cent of their monthly expenditure on this. You cannot ignore the maintenance needs of your home, as otherwise, they can lead to major repair issues. As a homeowner, your main goal must be to stay a step ahead of any needed repairs.

One of the main concerns of a majority of homeowners is to make their home more energy-efficient. This efficiency is to a large extent dependent on the windows that you have. Windows do show signs of wear over time, and that is when you need them to be replaced.

You require the help of professionals, such as a Solidor door designer, for having any replacement windows correctly installed. If you do try to handle this complicated process yourself, the result can be disastrous. Have replacement windows installed by professionals so that the work is done correctly.

When is it Time to Replace Windows?

If you carry out routine inspections you will find it easier to catch any home repair issues. You must look at every part of your home when you carry out such inspections.

When you do these inspections, you must have a look at your windows. Inspect the windows and be aware of frames or windows that are broken, or any problems with energy bills.

Older windows lead not only to higher costs of energy but also put your HVAC units to greater strain and stress. This constant overworking of these units can lead to greater damage, and that is when you need to have your windows replaced.

Water Damage to Windows

Water is one of the most harmful elements that a home can be exposed to. Windows are designed to keep water out of a home. As windows begin showing signs of age, this water can cause damage and become a major issue.

The more time that you take to have this problem attended to, the risk of greater structural damage only increases. Allow water to get behind your window, and it will lead to wood rot and other issues for the structure of your home.

How is Window Installation Carried Out?

Once, after your inspections, you have determined that the windows in your home need to be replaced, make it a point to look for the right professionals who can do this. The removal of old windows and installing new windows is highly complex, and this is why you are advised not to undertake this work on your own. Given below is some more information on how this installation process is carried out.

First Step – Get Measurements

As a homeowner, you may not realise the number of windows that are on the market today. You will only be able to select the correct windows if measurements are taken correctly.

A professional will first measure the window jamb so that they will be able to purchase the right windows. Correct measurements of the width and height of the existing windows will give a professional all the information that is needed to decide on the right windows.

Old Window Removal Must be Done with Care

Attempting to remove your windows yourself can result in serious damage. Professionals will first remove the window stops and trims. Once these are removed they will then remove any sash weights or pulleys that are in place.

Putting Up the New Window

This is the last step in the process of installing a replacement window. Most professionals will first make a rough install to make sure that the new window fits into place.

Once this has been verified, they will then begin to nail it in, and then apply caulk all around it. Some windows may require shims to make the window fit tightly. Shims allow small gaps to be filled up that may be visible when the new window is put in place.