Benefits and Features of Staying in a Luxury Hotel

Ever stayed in a a luxury hotel? Well, if no – you are probably wondering what the experience is like. Staying in a luxury hotel can open you up to a new world full of possibilities, and in this post, I will share with you some of the features and benefits of staying in a prestigious hotel based on my own experience.

It’s important to note that going luxury hotels are not all the same, so you should do some due-diligence if there is something specific you are looking for. The points I’ll highlight below are based on my open experience visiting luxury hotels like Alpen Palace Spa Hotels, The Luxury Collection, Sheraton, and Shangri-La.

Here are some of the features and benefits of staying in a luxury hotel.

1. Gorgeous Designs

High-end luxury hotels have the best interior and exterior designs. These gorgeous designs run all the way from the public areas to the lounge, reception and rooms. You are likely to feel as if you have just walked into a special place. The image below is a sneak pic of what to expect at the amazing Hotel Imperial Vienna.

2. Scents

Immediately you walk in, some prestigious hotels like the Alpen Palace, Luxury Collection Hotels and Shangri-La greet you with an amazing scent that will take you to your paradise of choice. Simple things like this add plenty to your overall experience in a luxury hotel.

3. Security

As expected, security is top-notch at luxury hotels. Often special card access and surveillance systems are used to monitor access to rooms and floors. In the room, you will feel very safe. Also, there are dedicated security guards to help keep security in check.

4. Event and Conference Facilities

Most luxury hotels are usually equipped with state-of-the-art event and conference facilities. These are perfect for banquets, weddings, galas and many other events.

5. Great Service

The service you get at a typical luxury hotel is great and the staff will always be available to take care of your needs. Typically, luxury hotels have plenty of staff who are highly trained.

A few of the services you can expect include:

– Personalised services such as a custom welcome note and names on your tables, rooms and napkins.
– The staff will be very professional, friendly and polite. They are also likely to be very attractive and may speak multiple languages.
– Dedicated car parking service.
– Laundry and shoeshine service.
– Packing and unpacking service.
– Professional advice and tips on key destinations and tour guide services.
– Personal welcome and assistance with checking in to your room.
– A prior call before your arrival to ask if you have any special requests.
– Butler services.
– Departing gifts and presents like chocolates, teas and sweats.
– Welcome drinks like special bottles of champagne or wine.
– Turndown (making your room ready for you).

6. Beautiful rooms

Luxury hotels always have the best rooms in the hospitality industry. Rooms can be designed to match a certain theme, destination or genre, such as the ‘The Luxury Collection’ brand. Rooms are very cosy and you’ll definitely find yourself spending a lot of time there. This is one of the rooms I stayed in during my escapades.

7. Amazing Beds

Some of the best beds you’ll ever sleep in in your life will be in luxury hotels. Luxury hotels probably have the best and most comfortable beds on the planet. The bed sheets and linens are usually of very high quality. Getting out of bed will surely be a problem when staying in a luxury hotel. You can also expect millions of pillows in your room.

As you can already tell, luxury hotels have plenty of features and benefits that are definitely worth trying out.