The Benefits of Business Mobile Phones for Companies in All Industries

Employee using laptop and mobile phoneInvesting in company mobile phones is one of the smartest things your business can do. The technological landscape can often be extremely complex and it’s continuing to evolve at an accelerated speed.

However, for your business to remain competitive, it’s crucial that you use the latest technological breakthroughs to your advantage. With hosted voice services, online file-sharing tools and cloud-based storage solutions, the newest technological developments can bring many benefits to your businesses and enable it to thrive in the fast-moving digital marketplace.

Business Mobile Phones Facilitate Remote Working Options

Now that mobile internet access is fast and widely available, gone are times when employees all had to be in the same building to carry out their jobs. While office jobs remain extremely common, there has been a sizeable increase in people opting to work remotely in recent years. Data available from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) shows that the number of UK employees engaged in remote working has grown by nearly 250,000 in the past ten years. Employees were most likely to have been able to transition to remote working positions are a result of improvements to Internet Connectivity across the nation.

There are many types of jobs that a remote working strategy can be adopted for, and adopting such a strategy can deliver lots of benefits to employees and employers. Benefits include access to a larger talent pool, improved staff retention, more productive employees, reduced overhead costs and environmental benefits. With remote collaboration tools, employees can deliver expertise to clients all across the country and even around the globe with the right hardware.

Read Emails on the Go

Emails have been the most common form of online business communication for decades and with the rolling out of internet-enabled mobile devices, emails remain the go-to method of communication out of hours. In addition to emails, however, companies can now use social networking platforms for business-related communications. In many companies it’s now essential that all employees have a business social networking profile and a business email.

Before major advancements in mobile technology and widespread adoption, emails and instant messaging platforms were often not the most secure and reliable forms of communication for connecting with colleagues after business hours or from outside the office. Now that mobile technology has improved and stable internet access is available on-the-move, colleagues can access instant messages and business emails from anywhere in the country.

As a result, when information needs to be conveyed at short notice, social networking messaging platforms and emails now serve as reliable forms of communication. Business mobiles offer employees the ability to communicate with colleagues and access documents on company servers when outside the office. Consequently, they have the potential to boost staff productivity.

Business Mobiles Expand Your Ability to Reach Clients, Colleagues, Customers and Investors

Regardless of what field of business your company operates in, reliable communication is crucial for success. Business mobiles can dramatically improve your communications with colleagues in addition to allowing you to better connect with potential clients and existing customers.

While business mobile phone plans can be ultra-competitive and provide you with great call minutes and text rates, you could also benefit from VoIP applications that enable you to communicate internationally with internet data. This is because international call rates tend to be much higher than standard minute rates on mobile call plans.

Examples of software that use VoIP systems include WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype. The call features of those apps allow you to talk with people in any location for free. The ability to communicate with people overseas for zero extra cost can help you to expand your business operations and potentially offer services to clients across the globe.