Understanding EMS And How It Works

Imagine being able to get what feels like a three-hour workout in just 20 minutes? While it sounds like a good fantasy, it is a possibility. There is a new wave of fitness that is crossing the country known as EMS training. Have you heard of this yet? We understand this is a rather new phenomenon, so let’s look a little closer at what is being described as the future of fitness.

What Exactly Is It?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, in which an electrical pulse stimulates the muscles until they contract. However, you may be thinking that electrical impulses run throughout the body and stimulate muscular contractions anyways. In this case, it is the EMS that further stimulates contraction which ultimately intensifies the workout in a way in which the body simply can’t. This will make your exercise routine more challenging and allow you to burn more calories than ever before. You can experience this at Fast Track EMS.

Understanding How It Works

You begin by strapping yourself into a device which is then connected to an EMS machine which has electrodes that are placed strategically over various muscle groups. The electrode pads are placed on what would be the bulkiest part of your muscles and usually secured through Velcro straps. Once you have been properly hooked up, a trainer will walk you through a workout that has been specifically suited to your body in which the pulses begin firing up the muscles. These types of workouts can be as short as 20 minutes, however, they have benefits like a three-hour session. Once you have completed an intense workout, the electrode pads enter into what is known as a massage mode which allows your body to fully reap all the benefits of your workout.

Learning The Benefits Of EMS

EMS training is one of the best ways to improve your overall fitness and body image in less time than you ever thought possible. It only takes between one to two sessions a week to see results. In some cases, it may be used as a means for rehabilitation after an injury or even for targeted back exercises.

How Safe Is EMS?

Despite what you may think, EMS does not hurt and anyone can do it. While it may be a strong feeling, it is nothing that is going to hurt…consider it a more tingling sensation.

How Often Can One Train?

It is recommended that you train once or twice a week. It will typically take the body up to 48 hours to fully recover which is why it is not recommended to do more than two sessions a week.

What Side Effects Are Associated With Long-Term EMS?

EMS uses low-frequency impulses that will not harm the body in the long term. The equipment is used to stimulate electrical pulses which are then sent to the muscles in a way similar to that of the nervous system. As of yet, there are no known side effects associated with EMS training.

Is There An Age Limit For EMS Training?

The minimum age associated with the use of EMS machinery is 16 and there is no limit to upper ages. An instructor is able to tailor a specific session for your individual fitness level and goals through the control of each muscle group and adjustment of the workout session intensity.

Is It Best To Avoid EMS Training With Health Conditions

While most people are able to use EMS training, if you already have a pre-existing condition that keeps you from conventional training, it is best to consult with a physician or doctor. Trainers are unable to accept clients with the following conditions:

– Epilepsy

– Pregnancy

– Arterial circulatory Disorders and Severe Circulatory Disorders

– Diabetes mellitus

– Heart pacemakers