What is an Awning?

This is the roof-like cover extended over a space to provide shelter from rain, snow, or wind and shade. You can find them over the doors and windows of commercial buildings and homes. A good awning provides predictable protection from elements and shade.

Awnings come in a wide range of options and you can choose the one that works great for you. There are various shapes, sizes, and materials to make sure someone gets one that works with the styles and uses. Awnings can be retractable or fixed no matter the materials used.

Fixed Awning

This type of awning is used in most commercial buildings at entrances and other outdoor spaces. They are usually made of metal or aluminum, which is more durable compared to fabric. They cost more because they are strong and can withstand storms and bear weight from snow, water, or fallen tree limbs. These awnings last for many years and they don’t need any maintenance.

Retractable Awning

Many choose these because they are very versatile. In recent years, technology has greatly improved, and these awnings have become more customizable and affordable.

They save homeowners space because they are attached overhead and can be removed if there is heavy snow and high winds. The pricing of retractable awnings varies, depending on whether they are remote-controlled, motorized, or manual.

Types of Awnings

The main job of an awning is to provide shelter and shade and it has many variations. The type of awning you need is going to depend on where and how you use it. If you are designing your backyard to create the dining space you have always wanted and need an awning for privacy and shade, your needs are not going to be the same as the person who wants to keep their delivered packages dry. As a side point as well as an awning you also may want to invest in an outside kitchen.

Below are the four types of awnings you can consider:

Patio Awning

They are also known as sails or shade clothes and they are the most affordable. They are also easy to install, which has made them a popular option for homeowners. This thin, flat awning is made from waterproof fabric mounted on the wall and it will extend outward to provide shelter and shade. The best ones dress up on a deck or patio.

They are often made of canvas, cotton, or polyester. Some let water pass through and their only job is providing shade. They are the perfect ones to use above pools and areas where you need to block sunlight for an hour or two.

Metal Awning

These are going to offer long-term protection and they are made of aluminium because of their affordability. There are also other options out there that require little maintenance and will last for many years. You can also paint them so it matches your home.

You can remove some of these awnings, but not all of them. There are some welded to the exterior of the business or home, which makes it a little harder to remove when compared to others like patio awnings.

Freestanding Awning

You can tell from the name that a freestanding awning isn’t mounted to any wall. This provides you with customization options for places like pools, rooftop bars, or playgrounds.
The awning is secured using support beams and you can design it to fit the space. Most of them are made of canvas and are going to provide shelter from heat and water. Those living in Northern climates, have to remove the awning in the winter.

Window and door Awnings

These are common on commercial buildings, door, and window awnings extend the roof line over the threshold of a door or window. You can also install a residential door awning. This is going to keep you or your guests dry as you unlock the door. They are curved to redirect rain away from the door and add a decorative touch.