5 Tips for Landing Your First HGV Driver Job

Currently, nearly all businesses are calling out for more skilled, proficient drivers to be part of their distribution networks. It is clear that the industry’s demand for HGV drivers is far more than the supply, and the newly-qualified drivers will discover that they get some of the best jobs available in this field. Most of them may land local delivery jobs, while some may become long-haul drivers. In truth, there have never been better and more opportunities in this sector for qualified HGV drivers. So, how easy is it for inexperienced drivers to land their first HGV job? Here are some tips from experts at HGV Driver Training Centre.

Must You be Experienced?

For some jobs, experience is paramount. For some, however, it might not be as vital. That’s how it is in most industries, and it is, therefore, clear that some jobs aren’t suitable for you right away. These positions will come with high salaries and clear job descriptions. Understandably though, all the experienced drivers started somewhere! Luckily, there are still plenty of opportunities available for an inexperienced driver looking to climb up the career ladder – all that’s needed is the qualification and the right mindset.

Driver Experience Agencies

For drivers who may need a hand to find a job, there are various places where you can find such help. Driver recruitment agencies are a great option for first-time drivers, and one can hardly go wrong with these. Such agencies work with logistics companies to connect the drivers to a network of customers throughout the country. Importantly to note, these jobs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and you need to be on high alert to get what you desire.

Do it Solo

Another option is taking on the traditional route and doing it all alone. That would mean writing your CV that highlights your qualifications, experience, and any other information that might be useful, and then set out. In ideal situations, you will interact with hiring managers for haulage or logistics companies in your area or bigger firms that are looking to fill certain positions. You can apply for such jobs online, sending emails, or having a one-on-one interview. With the latter, you could easily stand out from the lot as it is an uncommon approach. For an inexperienced driver, a one-on-one session could be all you need to convince a hiring manager to give you a chance.

Prepare Adequately

For individuals presented with a one-on-one session (or if you have been invited for an interview), preparing well boosts your chances of success. This means dressing appropriately (casually smart at a minimum) and presenting yourself well. Having answers ready for commonly asked questions in interviews should also be part of the preparation. Such preparation ensures a good first impression and could help significantly in securing the job you are seeking.

Explore Driver Development Programmes

Most employers offer induction training for fresh recruits. Through such training, they can teach them their preferred way of doing things and how they would like them to operate. Through continuous coaching and guidance, the new drivers can take up lessons from the instructors’ years of experience and this also adds to the value of the CV. Such development programmes may offer training and instructions on more than just driving as they may also involve training that covers the functioning of the vehicle and the company at large.

Whether you are seeking to add extra qualifications to your CV or just equip yourself with new skills for a new job, or if you are learning to be an HGV driver for the first time, there are many companies and agencies that would come in handy in your endeavours.