Why Is Tree Surgery Important?

Trees are vital to your business’s environment as they make it healthier and more appealing to the eye. They are known to cleanse the air in their environment, boost the aesthetic appeal and create an awesome working space. However, autumn is fast approaching, which is a season characterised by dead leaves and branches.

If you have incorporated trees in your business’s working space, then tree surgery is something that might interest you.

What Is Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery is the act of repairing damaged trees by removing diseased tree parts, filling in cavities, and curbing tree decay by bracing weak branches. All these activities associated with tree surgery are aimed at returning a tree to its state of wellness.

This activity is carried out by tree surgeons, commonly known as arborists. Tree surgery involves the all-round maintenance and care of all tree types, shrubs, and hedges planted in a space to boost the aesthetics and serve other purposes.

Reasons for Doing Tree Surgery

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider tree surgery:

1. Boosts the Aesthetics of Your Business Space

Business with trees on their premises should consider tree surgery, particularly during autumn. While living through the autumn provides a great feeling, having dead leaves and branches around isn’t a pleasing sight. This is especially true if the leaves and branches are lying in your business environment.

2. Safety

Tree surgery isn’t done for beauty purposes only, but also for the safety of individuals around. There’s a risk of dead branches falling, which is not good for the safety of visitors and employees in the business premises.
Tree surgery also ensures safety through bracing of tree branches to help keep them strong and less likely to fall off.

3. Offers a Great View from the Office

While this might seem insignificant, enjoying the sight of beautiful trees from your office, especially from the floors above, is quite satisfying and essential to the morale of an employee. In turn, this can significantly impact on employee productivity.

Poorly-maintained trees often have overgrown branches that can obstruct your view, which may have a negative impact on your productivity. For this reason, tree surgery becomes important, especially for business owners with trees in their premises.

4. Promotes Sunlight Penetration

One of the best ways to pass time in the autumn and winter days is basking in the sunlight. Poorly-maintained, untrimmed tree branches and canopies can block sunlight from reaching the ground. Besides taking away the joy of basking in the sun, such blockage causes the ground temperatures to fall significantly.

Tree surgery can help prevent this scenario as arborists understand how best to trim trees and eliminate some branches for canopies to allow the penetration of sunlight without leaving the trees too compromised.

Tree Surgery for Your Business Premises during Autumn

HRG can offer your business professional tree surgery services such as tree felling in Southampton,  to improve the premises’ space during the winter and autumn months. Our trained and qualified arborists have the necessary skills to provide any tree surgery service in a transparent way and offer you value for your money.