Most Common Drum Pumps Applications

There are many industries that rely on the safe transfer of liquids from one container to another. Sometimes, these fluids are highly corrosive, acid or extremely viscous, and therefore they call for special handling and for the use of heavy duty equipment. Drum, Flux Pumps and barrel pumps are the top choices to cope with such tasks.

Mobile Pumping Systems

Most portable pumping systems use drum and barrel pumps. Thanks to their versatility and high performance capability, drum and barrel pumps are the ideal solution to transfer small amounts of fluid, to pump out plating tanks and to handle even the most difficult fluids in an easy-to-move, portable system.

These systems are lightweight, hence being a great choice when it comes to switching between different applications. AC-powered drum pumps don’t rely on complex gear mechanisms or high voltage to do the job. All you need to do to use such pumps is to plug them into your outlet power. Even air-powered units are very easy to operate, as they use relatively small air lines by comparison with other air-based applications.

These system are user-friendly. Just immerse the tube pump into a liquid and you can start the pumping process right away. When done, simply pull the tube out. The residual liquid drains as you do that, so you won’t have to deal with trapped fluids. This means that you can simply rinse the pump and have it ready for the next job.

Quick Fluid Transfers

The faster the fluid transfer can be completed, the better, as this has a positive impact on the work productivity and therefore on the profitability of a project. The high flow and delivery mechanism of drum and barrel pumps makes them ideal for quick transfers. This means a company can increase their daily number of deliveries, speed up production or improve their ability of taking client requests.

Highly Corrosive Chemical Transfers

Handling highly corrosive fluids or harsh chemicals is a challenge. The equipment that gets into contact with such fluids needs to be up for the task. Drum and barrel pumps made from special materials are the ideal equipment to safely handle and transfer such harsh chemicals. This type of job requires special attention to mitigating risks and complying with safety standards. Also, minimizing pump repairs is another thing to take into consideration when it comes to harsh fluids transfer.

Noise Reduction

Whenever noise level is a concern, you can safely rely on drum and barrel pumps. Thanks to their lower decibel levels, these pumps can make liquid transfers less disruptive. Furthermore, some of these pumps feature variable speed motors, being therefore able to operate at even lower noise levels.

Such devices work best in all applications that require operating machinery near customers or the general public. Aquariums and medical facilities are only two examples of such environments where noise reduction is an absolute must.

Testing Applications

Drum and barrel pumps can help scientists test fluids in a more convenient manner. These portable pumping systems can work in various areas to determine water purity, chemical levels and other important parameters. Cordless pump designs are even better, as they are extremely convenient.

Such facilities include but aren’t limited to aquariums, fish hatcheries, water treatment plants and electroplating applications.